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I am a creator.  I make things that I enjoy looking at and things that other people want to see.  My work is a combination of sketching and scanning, photography and Photoshop.  My work has strength and impact, sometimes with a dark twist but always with flair. I have practical experience and I have college knowledge.   


I love creating.  I like to look at life.  I like to listen to music.  I like a challenge.  I like finding solutions.  I enjoy combining everything I like into a project.  I see art all around us and I bring it into everything I do.

JAYBIRD Digital Arts represents all these things together.  No project is just a generic template. Every new job is an opportunity to create something unique.  I find solutions to visual challenges with a camera or pencil or stylus.  The results are unique.  This website shows  a selection of graphic arts that exhibit a broad selection of design possibility.


Tee shirts, posters, album design, tickets, photo manipulation, advertising, business stationary, mailers, brochures, fine art and anything else you can imagine...  JAYBIRD Digital Arts can create it.

Contact me and let me know what kind of budget you have. I will do SOMETHING you can afford

that will look great and take your band, venue, event, merch, advertising or ANYTHING to the next level.  You deserve it.


You CAN afford to have good looking stuff... you CAN'T afford NOT to.
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